Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Called to Serve

 We will be
the Lord's missionaries
to bring the world
His truth
(Army of Helaman)

Today I want to give a "shout out" to all the missionaries who are touching our lives at this time.

We just got a new missionary couple for the temple. 
Elder & Sister Werneck from Falls Iguazu. 
They speak NO English.

We got two new Elders in our ward 
Elder Ferguson (from Texas) and Elder Angulo (from Costa Rica)
They BOTH speak English!!!

Elder Paulo Meira has been serving in the temple with us. He has been called to Portugal and leaves the end of the month. 

He also speaks English. 

As part of our responsibilities, we are sometimes asked to accompany the presidency to different places in the temple district and - ick - speak. Last week we had a fireside in Ponta Grossa.
 Here we are trying sweet maracujá right off of the vine. Very good, BTW. 

Next, it was off the the church for that speaking obligation.
This is also a stake center. They have these neat walls in the halls - all the missionaries who have ever served from the stake, the history of the church in Ponta Grossa with a timeline, and all the temples throughout the world listing them as each one was completed. 

Speaking of the temple missionaries - Last week one of our sealers cooked us up a churrasco. Steak, pork wrapped in bacon, chicken, sausage, and grilled pineapple. We furnished the salads and drinks. I was asked to make maionese (potato salad). The Brazilian variety can contain carrots, peas, corn, green beans, olives, you name it. I made the American kind. Mine had none of the above. Just saying. 
It was also Wayne's birthday. Now he and Don are the same age. Who can guess how old that is?!

And last - but certainly not least 
Our grandson Christian entered the MTC in Provo for his mission to Canada Toronto Portuguese Speaking.
He is already speaking more Portuguese than me and I have a seven month head start!! How rude! Anyway, we are so proud of him and are already loving his emails forwarded from his mom.
Deus esteja com você, Elder McClellan
(May God be with you, Elder McClellan)


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  2. Hey Elder and Sister MacClellan, thank you for everything, ya guys are amazing!

    No matter how much wealth there is in the world, whoever has a friend has everything. And I will be eternally grateful for your friendship.

    Happy "Dia do Amigo"
    Elder Meira

  3. What a week! American potato salad is good; I hope they enjoyed it. By the looks of the birthday cake, I'd say they are "1"!