Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Imin Matsuri

This week we celebrated the Imin Matsuri.

The Imin Matsuri is the annual festival of Japanese immigration to Brazil, which is celebrated in June, the month that the first ship arrived at the port of Santos. That was in 1913.
Brazil is home to the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan with about 1.5 million Nikkeis (Japanese emigrants and their descendants who have created communities throughout the world). The state of Paraná has the second largest Japanese community in Brazil with more than 140,000 members.
One of these Japanese-Brazilians just happens to be a member of our temple presidency - President Vitorio Furusho. After our temple shift on Saturday, he and his wife invited us to go with them to the Festival do Imigrante Japonês.

One of the hottest areas there was the food court. We all found something fantastic to eat!! 
Gotta love that Japanese cuisine!

Next is was off to the vendors' booths.

The stage featured a variety of cultural and artistic performances. 


And, of course, the beautiful flower arrangements ...

Obrigado, President and Sister Furusho.
Or should we say Arigatou?

We had a great day. Oh, and did I mention that because we are idosos (old people) we got in free. Can't beat that!!

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  1. What a fun celebration. I didn't realize therewas such a large Japanese influence there!